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KSLU Zonal Fest

17-18 Jun 2023

SEA Law College students of 3year LL.B and 5year B.A.,LL.B participated the Zonal Fest of KSLU which was conduct in Tumkur Vidyodaya Law College and won 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

Rangoli Competition 1st Prize
Spot Drawing 2nd Prize
Debate Competition 3rd Prize

Yoga Day

21 Jun 2023

June 21st was celebrated as International Yoga Day organising various activities on the same day to learn the importance of practicing yoga and adopting the lifestyle involving stress free atmosphere. Demonstration class of yoga practitioners followed by students doing asanas and sessions of breathing techniques and meditation was taken.

World Blood Donors

14 Jun 2023

14th June 2023 SEA Law students of 3year LL.B 5year B.A.,LL.B prepared a short note on different blood groups and shared the information to all their fellomates.

Food Conservation Day

06 Jun 2023

SEA Law College has organised debate on food safety, food preservation and appreciated the Law's of food conservation of National and International.

Environment Day

05 Jun 2023

SEA Law students involved in creating an awareness from 25th of May it self to conserve the nature preserve the resources by the way of involving in rallys on save water save plants and presented the skit in SEA Campus which has a message showing the role of Judiciary in making the efforts of the protection of environment, 50 saplings was planted in the village.


25 May 2023

SEA Law Students of 3year LL.B and 5year B.A.,LL.B participated in the rally to seek the attention of public on creating an importance of save water and save plants. Due to the urbanisation we are into the phase of protecting the natural resources, water and trees are abundantly used though it is a renewable resources human force has exploited the regaining capacity of the earth at this point it is the responsibility of students to take up the social duty. To increase the greenery

Farmers Day

23 Dec 2022

Farmers Day organised by SEA Law College students.

Graduation Day

22 Sep 2022

SEA Law College organised a Grand and multiple Batches Graduation Day for 3year LL.B and 5year B.A.,LL.B Batches. 100 students were graduated on 22.09.2022 in A/C Auditorium Hall Engineering Block. For the first time 4 Batches were participated at a time which made an event more colourful making old students Reunion.2016-2019 pass out batch and existing batch participated in the event. Best out going students Best Moot Court performer various other Category awards were been given to appreciate their academic excellence.

Legal Aid Cell

03 Sep 2022

SEA Law College conducted an Inaguration programme to constitute a Legal Aid cell. Legal Aid cell was constituted in the Village called “Ummulu” Law students will communicate with the village queries and help them to sort out with any information required to them.

NSS cell performed activities related to planting the samplings, creating awareness of not using plastics.

International Yoga Day

21 Jun 2022

The International Yoga Day was conducted on June 21st 2022 with a view to expose students for the benefits of Physical and Mental health.

World Environment Day

05 Jun 2022

On June 5th 2022 all Law students have participated in various activities conducted on the concept of ‘Only One Earth’ by poster making and collage making including Legal Quiz conducted for both 5year B.A.,LL.B and 3year LL.B.

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