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5 Years BA LLB

LL.B or Bachelor Of Legislature Law is 5 years course. The course arrangement is divided into 10 semesters end of 6 months , on successful completion of course the LLB degree is awarded

B.A, LL.B is an undergraduate administrative law professional degree course. The duration of the course is 5 years on integrated basis. It covers the study of Arts subjects like History, Political Science, economics, Sociology, etc along with the in-depth of law and Legislature. Legal profession is a lucrative profession all over the world. Law provides weapons to the degree holders to fight against all types of social inequalities and crimes. B.A.,LL.B degree makes one eligible appointment in central service such as Indian legal Services through union Public Service Commission ( UPSC) on grounds of their experience in the field and also in State Legal Services through State Public Service Commission(SPSC) Exam .

The Integrated degree Course covers the study of various specialized fields of law namely, Administrative Law, International law, Labour Law, Tax Law, Corporate Law, Civil Law and Patent Law.

Semester Details

I Semester

  • General English
  • Major-1 Political Science (theory and thoughts)
  • Minor-1 Sociology-1 (Invitation to sociology)
  • Minor-2 Economics-1(Principles of economics)
  • Legal Methods

II Semester

  • Kannada/Kannada Kali
  • Major-2 Political Science
  • Minor-1 Sociology-2
  • Minor-2 Economics-2
  • Law of Torts

III Semester

  • Major-3 Political Science
  • Major-4 Political Science
  • Minor-1 Sociology-2
  • Minor-2 Economics-2
  • Constitutional Law – I

IV Semester

  • Major-5 Political Science
  • Major-6 Political Science
  • Constitutional Law-II
  • Law of Crimes
  • Contract-I

V Semester

  • Labour Law-I
  • Jurisprudence
  • Family Law-I
  • Contract-II
  • Administrative Law

VI Semester

  • Property Law
  • Family Law-II Mohd. Law & Succession Act
  • Labour Law-II
  • Company Law

VII Semester

  • Public International Law
  • Law of Taxation
  • Criminal Law-II Cr.P.C
  • CC-I Professional Ethics

VIII Semester

  • Law of Evidence
  • Human Rights
  • Banking Law
  • Cc-II (ADR)

IX Semester

  • Civil Procedure Code and Limitation Act
  • OPT-III: Penology and Victimology
  • OPT-IV: Interpretation of Statues and Principles of Legislation
  • Clinical Course-III: Drafting Pleading and Conveyance

X Semester

  • Environmental Law
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Land Laws
  • CC-IV Moot Court Exercise & Internship